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Recording......£48 (£40 +vat) per hour.

The whole recording process.... Walk away with a CD of your work.

Mixing......£48 (£40 +vat) per hour.

Supply your recordings as wav or aiff files all with the same or known start time

 and we can work to produce a final mix.

Mastering......£48 (£40 +vat) per hour.

Optimise and edit your tracks and compile them into a finished project.

Production & Remixing......negotiated on a project by project basis.

With all my years of experience I’ll help develop and make the most of your ideas.

Restoration......from £36. Prices depend on how long the material is

I have advanced noise reduction and restoration software to make old recordings come to life again.

Recording Party........ Prices from £100

Enjoy a studio session with your friends and get to record your own version of your favourite song. Click here for more detail